Murder of Crows

Joe Henry - Murder of Crows album cover

(1989) Mammoth


  1. Step Across the Mountain (4:07)
  2. Right About Linden (3:37)
  3. Here and Gone (4:17)
  4. Lose Me (5:00)
  5. Hidden Man (3:26)
  6. Falling Soon (4:54)
  7. She Is Sleeping (3:05)
  8. Vigilante (3:32)
  9. Siren (3:16)
  10. Six Feet into the Country (2:54)
  11. Map of Belgium (2:34)


Name Credit
Sarah Auld Coordination, Production Coordination
Chuck Beeson Design
David Bromberg
Larry Campbell
William Claxton Photography
David Cook Engineer, Assistant Engineer
Tim Drummond Bass
Anton Fier Percussion, Arranger, Drums, Producer
Irwin Fisch Arranger, String Arrangements, Cello Arrangement, Flute Arrangement
Jeff Gold Artwork, Art Direction
Joe Henry Guitar, Vocals
John Herman Assistant Engineer, Mixing
Jeff Higginbotham Photography
Judy Kirschner Assistant Engineer, Mixing
Mike Krowiak Engineer
Martin Kunitz Assistant Engineer
Jeff Kydd
Matthew Boomer La Monica Assistant Engineer, Mixing
Jokim Lartey
Chuck Leavell Organ, Piano, Organ (Hammond)
Bob Ludwig Mastering
Mary Maurer Design
Van Dyke Parks String Arrangements
Steve Rinkoff Mixing
Larry Saltzman
Billy Scott Assistant Engineer, Mixing
Ken Steiger Assistant Engineer, Mixing
Mick Taylor Guitar

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